Kaarina Lockness


Kaarina grew up in a society that wished to live by simple means and protected from the bad influences wealth, prosperity and close living can cause. Years ago, a group of like-minded people founded a village deep in the woods, far from the hustle and bustle of large cities. Each family settled a large section of land within these woods so that when they stood on their front porch, they could see smoke rising from a neighbor’s chimney, but not actually see their neighbor’s house. There was a meadow near the center of these homes and often after the chores and work were done, the people would gather to chat, play music, dance or just enjoy the sights and sounds of the woods together.

Kaarina’s Grandfather, Gautliff, loved to explore and to challenge his survival skills, so much in fact he was one of the members of the first expedition across the Great Ocean. As the members of that expedition were never heard from again, Kaarina never actually met him. She did, however, grow up hearing from her mother the many wonderful tales and adventures her Grandfather had (albeit with the tint of rose colored glasses that many who are left behind remember those gone with).

Kaarina’s mother, Morimee, was an only child and her mother died when she 10. Morimee’s father doted on her and she adored him. When Morimee was about 20 she was collecting honey in the woods when she heard a commotion. She investigated and saw a handsome young man stumbled through the brush and collapse. She checked to make sure he was alive and then ran to get her father to help. The young man was carried to the Lockness home and Morimee nursed him back to health. After he had recovered he shared that his name was Anders Brevic and why he was in the woods. Anders was the son of a rich nobleman who lived in Dullstrand. Anders grew up with no wants but as he entered adulthood he became disillusioned with his families pompous lifestyle

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Kaarina Lockness

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