Party Treasure


Listed below are the items found by the party. Items in this format have been sold or used.

Initial Bandit Attack

Stag Amulet
Composite Longbow
Potion of Shield of Faith + 2
Potion of Cure Light Wounds x 2

Bandit Camp

Studded leather Armor
2 Masterwork Handaxes
1 Potion Cure Light Wounds
Music Box
Strong Herbal Liquor
Crates of Furs

Spiders Den

Spider Parts
Stag Amulet
Small Map
Stag Amulet

Ruined Tomb

Ring of Swimming
Adamantium Box

Hidden Cache

Masterwork Dagger
Silver Ring (75GP value estimated)
Wand of Burning Hands (1 Charge left, CL2)
Spellbook (unseen servant, silent image, reduce person, touch of combustion usable)

Mite’s Lair

Coins (32gp, 120sp, 193cp)
Old Sharptooth

General Exploration

Bear Traps
Moon Radishes
Various Hides

Party Treasure

Auma Cyrael Cyrael