Olegton is the recently incorporated town that was built up around a simple trading post. While the Kingdom of Drangelic was expanding, news of their potential acquisition of the area spurred a lot of growth. Boasting an inn and store, housing has sprung up significantly!

The town is council run, and headed up by Mayor Sveltana Olegton with oversight from the other kingdom rulers.


  • Inn (The Rest)
  • Shop (Oleg’s Trading and Provisions)
  • Housing Block x 3


Name: Olegton
Alignment: NG
Qualities: Rumor-mongering Citizens
Type: Large Village (4 lots filled)
Population: 1,250

Base Limit: 1,000
Purchase Limit: 5,000

Corruption: 0
Crime: -1 (From Kingdom)
Productivity: 1
Law: -2 (council run town)
Lore: 1
Society: 5

Danger: 0


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