Old Sharptooth

This ivory statue depicts a crouching horned devil. While this is worshiped by the Sootscale kobolds as their patron diety, it does not appear to be magical in any way.

Regardless, it is of fine craftsmanship and is likely worth something to the right collector – but is seemingly priceless to the Kobolds.

The statue was brought by Tartuk, the shaman of the kobold tribe, about 1 year ago. His religion quickly took root and spread to nearly the entire tribe.

Mikmek, the young kobold warrior, has confided in the party that Old Sharptooth has been stolen at least 3 times by the Mites. Each time their god is stolen, his disfavor manifests in the ‘Yellow Death’, a strange disease that turns a kobolds scales a sickly yellow and brings a swift death. Only the return of the statue, or ritual sacrifices by Tartuk can keep the curse at bay.

Old Sharptooth

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