Jon Westbrook

Jon Westbrook is the young bandit who the party left alive in the initial attack on Oleg’s.

He traveled to Auma with his family 5 years ago. Things were going well until his father – a mason – was killed in a construction accident. His mother had also caught an illness on the voyage over that she never fully recovered from and succumbed not long after.

For the past half a year he has been living with the bandits along the Thorn River. While he never truly relished his lot in life, he was at least well fed and trained in woodcraft by Happs and the other bandits.

Hoping to turn his life around he has pledged that he would work for the Levetons in exchange for his life.

Jon has spent several months now working with the Levetons, and has gained both their trust and friendship.

The party has decided to appoint Jon as their Spymaster in the new kingdom.

Jon Westbrook

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