Expeditions to Auma

Several expeditions have taken place to Auma in the past generation. Looking to expand their hold, Dullstrand and several other nations are attempting to colonize new lands.

First Sighting

A large sailing ship had been blown off course on a routine shipping run and was crippled and adrift at sea. The only survivor who returned claimed that he had been set adrift in uncharted seas, and spied an immense forested land form. His reports fueled renewed interest in colonization among the major powers.

The Lost Expedition

Dullstrand funded the first official expedition with a fleet of 5 ships, launched to great fanfare. Unfortunately, they were never heard from again and are presumed to have sunk. Later expeditions found remains in shallow areas far to the south of where they were expected to land.

Ongoing Events

Improved navigation and reliable maps of the area have made trips to Auma nearly routine. The journey itself takes roughly 3 months in good weather. Most sailing companies complete one round-trip expedition every year.

Adventurers, explorers, tradesmen and merchants are the most common travelers. Piracy is not unheard of, but most ships make the journey without incident.

Expeditions to Auma

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