Dwarven Races

Aumaic Dwarves

The Dwarven Forefathers

The Aumaic Dwarves are the original progenitors of all dwarven races and nations today. Tradition holds that they flourished for thousands of years, isolated from all other races and created an incredible kingdom in Auma.

Tradition holds that thousands of dwarves began to arrive in strange boats upon the shore of the main continent. Initially thought to be conquerors, it was quickly determined that they were refugees. While no dwarf would speak of the reason they left, aside from some unnamed disaster – they only swore that they would not return.

The last true Aumaic Dwarf died of old age many years ago

Mountain Dwarves

The New Kingdom

After integration into the human and elven lands, many of the dwarves became restless. Pushing into the mountains they attempted to recreate some of the lost glory of their kingdoms.

Now a prosperous race, with their homeland completely forgotten, they now consider themselves rightful residents of the Mountains and rarely leave.

The Lost Dwarves

The Builders

Some dwarves decided that living among the other races would help them to forget the horror that sent them across the sea. A schism erupted between the refugees, and many dwarves elected to stay in the open air, instead of the deep caverns of the mountains.

While no war has ever come from this split, there is no love lost between the two modern dwarven races.

Not a true nation – these dwarves are fully integrated into the above-ground community. and greatly prized for their building and engineering skills.

Dwarven Races

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