Stone Hill is the capital of the nation, built around the ruins of an ancient dwarven fortress. It borders a lake to the south, but has much room to grow.

It originally started with a simple inn and a block of houses for the initial settlers. It also incorporates those living in nearby farms.

In the earliest months of it’s inception it experienced a boom-town like atmosphere, boosting commerce.

Stone Hill continues to grow at a rapid pace – especially since a new shrine has been erected giving the town one of the only religious sites in the wilds.

A new high priest has arrived and is hosting services at the Shrine, and is selling some magic items and services to help bolster his own funds.

A library was erected by Keriatlian, and has brought economy and knowledge to the area.

Finally, in Goodmonth – nearly one year after the party had arrived in Auma – the old fortress that the Stag Lord had inhabited was refurbished into a sizeable castle!


  • Inn (The Fool and Rose)
  • Shop (Stone Hill Provisions)
  • Traveler’s Shrine (Neutral Shrine to Fharlanghn)
  • Library (Library of the Green Flame)
  • Castle
  • Housing Block x 2


Name: Stone Hiill
Alignment: NG
Qualities: Resettled Ruins, Strategic Location
Type: Small Town (5 lots filled)
Population: 1,500

Base Limit: 1,100
Purchase Limit: 10,000

Corruption: 0
Crime: -1 (From Kingdom)
Productivity: 3
Law: -2 (council run town)
Lore: 1
Society: 6
Defense: 8
Danger: +5


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