Breeg Orlivanch


Breeg Orlivanch was a much despised hunter and trapper in the Greenbelt region. Known for being overly malicious in his methods of trapping, he would often create traps that seemed to be more for people than the animals.

In one final moment, Breeg overestimated his trapping skills. He was killed when a deadfall he had devised collapsed on him, pinning his legs and crushing his pelvis. He likely died over the course of a few agonizing hours.

The party discovered that he was sabotaged by fae who were tired of his hurtful ways.

Upon returning to Oleg’s and reporting his death, people seemed to be happy. The party was still warned that they might run into even more of his traps, but luckily no new ones would be set.

Breeg Orlivanch

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