Azok Ironbeard


Azok Ironbeard never fit in at home. He wasn’t like the other members of his family and their clan. He didn’t like mining or working in his father’s shop. He loved to walk in the sun and traveling above ground along the trails and roads of the Grand Duchy of Geoff. Also,he found them uptight and militaristic. Granted, fighting orcs and goblinoids for centuries will do that. He was the black sheep of the family.

Eventually, Azok found his true calling and became a traveling cleric of Fharlanghn, the God of Roads and Travel. Azok’s long term goal is to establish a network of temples and shires to Fharlanghn where weary travelers can find shelter and comfort in this new land. Think of it as a hotel chain with a temple or shire and active clergy as the staff. Not only does this provide shelter and aid for travelers, it also encourages trade and trade leads to wealth. Azok wouldn’t mind becoming a wealthy dwarf in the process of serving his god.

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Azok Ironbeard

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