Akiros Ismort

Simple farmers in a proud rural area in the Flanaes, Akiros’s parents wanted nothing more for him than life as a protector of the town—as a paladin of Mayaheine, no less. Every moment of Akiros’s life was spent in preparation for his acceptance into the order, yet not one month afer he achieved his parents’ dream and became a paladin, Akiros fell in love with the married daughter of one of his hometown’s wealthier merchants, a woman named Rosilla. The affair ended all too soon when Rosilla’s husband found out what she’d been up to and threatened to divorce her. The thought of losing the life of luxury was too much, and she told her husband that Akiros had raped her. Furious, he took Rosilla to the temple of Mayaheine to confront Akiros. The young paladin was flabbergasted, but when Rosilla took things too far by spitting on him and publicly denouncing him as a rapist, a heretofore unknown rage woke in Akiros’s heart. All of his repressed frustrations and anger poured out in one powerful blow, and with that blow he snuffed out Rosilla’s life. As she crumpled to the floor, Akiros knew his life had been snuffed out as well.

He turned on Rosilla’s dumbfounded husband and killed him as well, and with the temple guards still in shock, he fled the city. He barely made it out of Taldor, stowing away on a merchant ship bound for Auma. As he fled from Longshore to the south, losing himself in the Greenbelt, living as a bandit, a vagabond, and a criminal, and growing to enjoy his newfound rages.

Eventually, his wanderings took him into the Greenbelt—he’d heard of the Stag Lord, and still unsure of where he needed to be in life, he sought this new liege out. Akiros has been with the Stag Lord’s bandits for only a few months, but already his commanding presence had earned the Stag Lord’s favor—Akiros was considered to be the second-in-command of the fort.

This all changed for him when Azalea and Azrael were captured in the kobold silver mines. Hearing her cries as she was put up for use by the bandits at the fortress, he chose instead to sav her in the only way he could – by killing any bandit who tried to take her away from him. He protected her for months, doing his best to bide his time until the group who had killed Kressle and Happs eventually made their way to the fortress. Fearing for his life as well as the life of Azalea he kept the Stag Lord in a near perpetual drunken state and sent bandits out in all directions in small groups.

Finally, he was given the chance to redeem himself, and has gone on a journey of self reflection and growth. He has strong feelings for Azalea, but is unsure if they are reciprocated and has become somewhat withdrawn in the time since his joining the kingdom.

He has a strong appreciation and loyalty to the party, and has pledged himself as their Warden. While he is unsure if he will ever regain his paladin hood, he has dedicated himself to serving the law and making a life for himself.

Akiros Ismort

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