Adamantium Box

This small box was discovered at the ruined Tomb west of Oleg’s.

6" square, and 3" tall, the box is made of adimantium and inlaid with mithral and gold on the top and weighs about 10 pounds. When held it has an almost imperceptible vibration.

The inlay on top depicts the symbol of Dumathoin and marks this as an Aumaic Dwarven relic, lost for thousands of years. The sides and bottom are engraved with patterns of smithing equipment, mountains and other designs.

Keriatlian discovered the means to open the box. Inside is a gear that is magically spinning. No amount of force can stop the gear entirely, but it can be slowed down with enough pressure. The gear is affixed to the box and cannot be removed.

Adamantium Box

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