And So It Begins

The past few weeks have been pleasantly uneventful – a small kindness after the long and arduous journey to Auma. Despite the amount of sea traffic there is still considerable danger from pirates, storms, and the occasional great beasts of the oceans. Luckily you have reached the new land in one piece – minus a few pounds lost on the meager diet you were allowed on ship.

Longshore is already beginning to look like a sizable settlement, despite rumors that it was a simple and backwoods outpost. While the luxuries of the mainland cannot be found here, it seems that the hardy and simple folk who founded the colony have truly begun to thrive. The first of those who were born in Auma have begun to come of age and it can’t be long before a whole new generation is born.

Despite this, the amount of people escaping the Flanaess still outstrips those who now consider themselves ‘native’. Each ship brings dozens of those who for whatever reason are trying to start a new life.

Deciding to stay at one of the Customs & Charter houses, one of the inns, a hostel, or out in the near wilderness is up to you. It takes several days before your paperwork is processed through the colonial beuracracy and your name appears on the large bulletin outside the town hall.

‘Exploration & Surveying Companies’ is the heading you find your name under, along with a few others you don’t seem to recognize. You have been given a writ signed by the Swordlords themselves that gives you free passage beyond the current boundaries of civilization – into the realm of the Greenbelt.

Gathering what knowledge is available about the area takes almost no time. The Greenbelt is far enough in from the coastline sprawl of Longshore and surrounding farming villages to finally give way into hills and forests. Several rivers wind throughout the landscape and various native fauna have attracted countless hunters and trappers.

This unexplored and lawless land has become a haven for those who don’t fit into the colonial lifestyle. The most prominent are the bandits. Accosting travelers and outposts alike, the order to dispose of them is in full effect.

Despite the banditry, others have also taken to the outskirts of civilization for less nefarious reasons. One of these is Oleg – who converted the ruins of a dwarven outpost into a trading post over the past 6 months. Attempting to be the middleman between Longshore merchants and the trappers, Oleg has his eyes on the future of the area. His trading post is where you are set to travel to the day after your assignment is given. You are meant to explore a large swath of land spanning over 4,000 square miles and produce a map for the colony to send back to Dullstrand.

Meeting up on the outskirts of Longshore, you come face to face with those you will be working with. The trip to Oleg’s takes the better part of 3 days, giving you time to aquiant yourselves with eachother. Abandoing your charter is paramount to treason and would leave you unable to work within the colonies at all – so it is in your best interests to work together towards this common goal. Who knows, you may even grow to like eachother!

Over the next several days you work your way down the road – which turns from bad to almost non existent the further you get from civilization.

The final morning dawns. With luck you should arrive at the trading post by noon.


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