New Friends and Assault on the Stag Lord

After a long night the party decided that it was important to interrogate the chief in the morning while under the benefit of a protection from evil spell. The night passed without incident, with the kobold being tied up and gagged.

In the morning the hold on the kobold was dispelled and much was discovered. The party had come at the near end of a period of turmoil in the kobold clan. Tartuk had come about a year prior and taken control of the tribe almost immediately with his new religion. Around the same time, bandits had gotten word of the potential of the silver mine and had threatened the kobolds with death if they did not provide them with some cut of the silver. However the kobolds were not naturally suited to the hard labor of the mine and output dropped quickly. Sootscale then divulged (under threat) that a group had been captured and forced to work in the mines. The leader of the bandits came shortly after and in a fury killed one of the slaves and took one back to his hut. As far as the party knew there was only one more person in the mines.

Deciding to return and put a stop to Tartuk and hopefully free the remaining slave the party prepared to storm the caverns. Working with Sootscale they determined that he would be able to provide a distraction while the party rushed into the private quarters of the shaman.

The plan went without a hitch. Tartuk was quickly subdued under the full assault of the party. He was captured alive, and discussions revolved around him being set free or being given over to Sootscale. Tartuk promised treasure and pointed the party into the direction of the mine itself.

Inside the mine Azrael was discovered. The elven bard was on the verge of starvation but was freed and elected to join the party in order to help free his sister – the slave who was taken by the Stag Lord himself.

While Azrael was being rescued, the true nature of Tartuk was discovered in a journal he had kept. Originally not a kobold – he was killed in an ogre rampage and was reincarnated by his church. However, he hated being a kobold and spent the rest of his life travelling from place to place killing off tribes for his own amusement. He was the one who orchestrated the war between the Mites and the Kobolds and was sacrificing the tribe to Old Sharptooth out of a twisted sense of humor.

The party quickly decided that Tartuk was to be given over to Sootscale, pending the agreement that the Kobolds remember that they were saved by the party, and that they will likely return to the mines someday to procure some payment.

Moving out into the countryside again to continue their mapping of the Greenbelt, the party came across the location of the Fangberries that Bokken the hermit needed for his potions. Despite the swarms of spiders and horrible spines growing on the vines, the party was able to gather enough to fulfill his request and quickly returned to his hut for payment.

Afterwards, during a short stopover at Olegs, the party found out that the bandits had assaulted the trading post again. Kesten – the guard leader – informed the party that one of his own men had turned traitor and left with the bandits after they were held back. He promised a reward of fine weapons if the party would bring him back alive for judgement.

Travelling south along the river, and following the bandit tracks the party eventually made their way to the large lake at the center of the Greenbelt and discovered that the bandits had holed up in a makeshift fortress atop a hill overlooking the lake.

After scouting for a few days, the party ambushed a trio of bandits on horseback as they were leaving the fortress. The fight was well planed, but difficult. Near the end of the battle, the bandits in the fort sounded an alarm and could be seen gearing up to help their comrades. Quickly dual mounting up on the horses, the party made their escape.

It is now the evening of the 5th of Patchwall.


Cyrael Cyrael

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