Exploration around Oleg's

The first month of travel

After a few short days, the party began the process of charting and exploring the regions of the northern Greenbelt. Taking a simple approach, they began travelling east of Oleg’s Trading Post towards the border of the chartered area. Along the way they met up with a hermit by name of Bokken – one of the original rounds of settlers who has since decided that life in Longshore was too much to handle. He now avoids as many people as possible, preferring to only dealing with Oleg, and only to sell his alchemical wares.

In between ranting about his brother (who he apparently despises) as well as demands for privacy, he did promise that if the party were to locate some Fangberries (located south of the river) and return them to him fresh and unspoiled that he would give a discount on any potions purchased by the party for one month. Marking the general location on their makeshift map, the party agreed to return.

Continuing eastward, the party discovered nothing of note on the plains – only noting that a herd of horses seemed to make its home nearby during the spring. From here, they turned south and headed west back towards Oleg’s.

Eventually they had discovered a field littered with bones. Upon close examination it was discovered that they were thrown out of the lair of an enormous Trapdoor Spider. Deafeating the creature was a simple matter. Digging through the refuse at the bottom of the lair the body of a bandit was discovered. He seemed to be only a few days old, and a somewhat ranking member of the bandit party as he had a silver stag’s head necklace. Secreted in his boot was a crude drawing of a tree atop a hill with a noticeable X between some of the roots.

Prior to leaving Oleg’s, Sveltana had informed the party that she was hoping to get a crop of Moon Radish to sell back to Longshore, but with the bandit activity she was unwilling to venture out alone. Luckily, just south of Oleg’s the party found an enormous patch of the wild radishes, and harvested enough to take back. Unfortunately they also discovered that the patch had been sprinkled with well hidden bear traps. Removing all that they could find, the party would continue to be harassed by these traps in various other locations during their exploration.

On their way back to Oleg’s to deliver the radishes, the party was stalked by a small group of Kobolds. It came to a head in the middle of the night when the party heard whispering from the darkness outside the campfire. Intimidating the small band was a simple matter, and they scattered and have not yet returned.

After delivering to Oleg’s and restocking some of the supplies that they had used, the party began venturing to the west. During their visit, they investigated the possible source of the bear traps and were told that it was likely the work of one Breeg Orlivanch – a much despised trapper in the area. They also spoke with Kesten Garess – a noble of Dulstrand whose exile to Auma was well publicized on the mainland. He now leads the guards sent by the local government to protect Oleg.

Out in the far plains, a bluff was encountered that had at some point crumbled. Discovering a long forgotten and ruined tomb, the party recovered two items: a magical ring of swimming and a small adamantium box.

The ring had etchings that denoted the bearer was a Ship’s Captain, but the lack of any ocean nearby was confusing.

The box was discovered to open and contain an ever-turning single gear. Despite the best efforts of Keriatlian, it was not possible to determine the origin of the box, or what it is for.

Around this time as well, the party moved south and returned east towards Oleg’s through more heavily forested regions. For several days they seemed to be harassed by various pranks and tricks – all seemingly innocent, yet annoying all the same. Stumbling upon a body crushed by a deadfall, the party determined that this must have been Breg – the trapper who had placed all the cleverly hidden (and dangerous) bear traps throughout the woods. He had been killed by his own trap it seemed… until the party noticed that the ropes securing the deadfall had been gnawed apart rather than untying or breaking.

While not visible, the party determined that those who had been playing the pranks on them were responsible for Breg’s downfall. They claimed he was ‘a bad man who hurt people for fun’, but then refused additional contact when they were presented with the markings of the Redcaps on Myrd.

With nothing else to report, the party returned to Oleg’s. Tallying up what they had recovered and working with Oleg, they have put in a request to equip Kaarina with a breastplate. Due to not stocking more advanced armors, Oleg needs to put the order in with the smiths of Longshore. Sending John Westbrook off with the party’s order, he stated he expects it to come in near the end of this month.

The party decided to rest for a few days in clean beds before setting out to new discoveries.

In all, 35 days have passed since the party arrived in Longshore. It is currently the 7th Day of Harvester in the high summer. Autumn is coming soon.


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