Deeper Into The Greenbelt

Discoveries & Threats

The morning that the party was to begin their exploration to the south east, they were met up with by Mira Silverstike. She introduced herself as an archaeologist and scholar who had traveled to Auma to discover the history of her people. Pledging her support and denying the desire for monetary gain, she was welcomed into the party after describing details of the dwarven ruins and artifacts the party had found.

Quickly traveling through already explored land, and avoiding the fields of trapdoor spiders, the party arrived in a hilly area of the Greenbelt. Here they discovered a tree that matched the depiction on the map they had recovered. Deducing that the bandit who met his fate at the trapdoor spiders had buried something nearby, a short search discovered a small cache of goods.

Encouraged by their discovery the party then went further to the south and found an abandoned and ruined river crossing. Ringing the service bell however summoned an apparition in the water. With a gurgling voice he demanded that the body of the Stag Lord be thrown into the river. A short scuffle ensued and the party broke off, agreeing to the delivery of the body. Upon hearing this, the undead creature sank below the rivers surface once again. Quickly retreating, the party followed the river along it’s northern bank.

Moving even further to the south the party discovered what initially seemed to be a silver mine. However, it was instead inhabited by a tribe of kobolds who were at constant war with a group of Mites to the north west. After being told that the kobold’s patron diety had been stolen from their tribe by the Mites they found that the tribe was also plagued with an internal power struggle as well. The shaman Tartuk had taken control of the tribe, but not all kobolds are loyal to him. Electing to visit with the shaman the party found him to be less interested in retrieving the statue than the other kobolds. Casting strong magic, he forced the party out of the caverns.

Not to take this lightly, the party headed north towards the old sycamore tree where the mites were supposedly located. After quick battles with various mites, centipedes and even a giant tick, they discovered ‘Old Sharptooth’ atop a pile of loot the Mite’s had recovered. Most of the goods were worthless trash salvaged from the kobolds or nearby settlements, but some coin was found. Additionally, a small sheet of paper offered a crude accounting of the ongoing war. Two columns: Us and Them contained the current holdings of both tribes. At this point the Us column only contained the statue. The Them column included money, magical dust and a human ring.

Moving to the other side of the caverns below the tree, the party discovered Mikmek. A captured kobold loyal only to the chief, he promised to help the party infiltrate the kobold caverns in order to bring Tartuk out of power. Once the party rested and returned to the caverns they buried ‘Old Sharptooth’ outside the caverns and attempted to reach the Chief undetected.

Temporarily breaking the hold Tartuk had exerted over him, they learned that Tartuk would be performing the next sacrifice just that morning. Seemingly out of options, the party put the chief and his attendant to sleep, tied them up and kidnapped him while they plan their next move.

It is now the 17th of Harvester


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