Dawn of a New Era

The party spent several days recuperating at Oleg’s after delivering the bandits to Kesten for trial in Longshore. At this point, trade and transit has picked up significantly due to the reduced bandit presence, and Oleg has begun (much to his chagrin) to build up an Inn for Sveltana to run.

In order to better care for Galtiff, Kaarina commissioned Mira to take him to Longshore and find some way he might be able to either recuperate or be made more comfortable. Mira left, and has not yet returned.

They party also convinced Akiros to stay on and help Oleg and Sveltana with the build out of their Inn if he was interested in long term work.

The final steps of the charter remained to be completed, and the party set out for one last ranging in order to complete their map.

Before the party left, they did change their plans for Akiros by hiring him and Jon Westbrook to recover the goods stashed at the Stag Lords fortress. The former paladin set off with the young man southward in the wagon the party had recovered.

The initial trip was uneventful, until the party had run back into Everitt. He had gotten lost following the river, and turned in the incorrect direction at the fork. Luckily for him the party decided to guide him back towards the Stag Lord’s fortress and send him north with Akiros. In order to keep Akiros at the fortress until they arrived, Myrd called in an animal messenger.

The only animal that replied to his call was a raven – who quickly took off with the message towards the fortress.

In just a few short days the party arrived at the fortress. Upon greeting them, Akiros was perturbed. He questioned why Myrd had chosen such a violent animal to deliver his message – showing off an arm that was covered in puncture wounds and scratches. Akiros claimed that the bird had attacked him and would not relent until he had killed the animal!

Alarmed at this turn of events, the party adjusted their resources and found out that the dagger recovered from the Temple of Elhonna was an evil cursed item that seemed to turn the actions of nature against Myrd, and even interfered with his communication with the animals. In the days that passed afterwards several attempts were made to remove the dagger from Myrd’s possesion. The most spectacular failure of this was when the dagger returned in the middle of the night impaling a rabbit and leaving a rotting wound behind. Even after the dagger was returned to Myrd – strange wolflike howls passed through and near the camp.

Despite this oddity, the party decided to return to Oleg’s after finishing their trek. Upon arrival they found that a large ornate carriage had parked there. Greeted by a very flustered Sveltana, she informed the party that a group of noble men from Dullstrand had arrived and were awaiting them in the main room of the trading post.

Inside the trading post were Harik Norwen – a half elven diplomat, Jenkins Morelli – a grotesquely fat lawyer, and Keveus Keelan – an artificer who had arrived to install and commission a sending apparatus.

Harik introduced himself and his companions and immediately gave the party the news that they had been given the right to rule these lands – if they were interested and were willing to sign a treaty with Dullstrand and the other autonomous states that had been set up nearby.

Taken aback, the party spent some time deliberating before dinner, and returned to innagurate their new country.

Through much deliberation, it was decided that Azrael would become the Lord Protector of the new realm, with each of the other party members taking up an important post in the democartic government. Harik himself pledged 3 years of his time as the Consort to the ruler, and offered as much advice as he could.

In the end, the charter was signed and agreed upon by all members of the party as well as by those friends and allies that had been made in their time in the Greenbelt.

Once the treaty was signed, Harik moved quickly. He had a large gift from Dullstrand to help a new settlement get off the ground, as well as around 200 hundred citizens who were willing to come into the new kingdom to start a new life.

It was on this day, the First of Sunsebb that the newest independent country on Auma was established.


Cyrael Cyrael

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